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Vajrakilaya Yab Yum action visualizations


given by Traktung Rinpoche

175.o. szex csakrás kiárasztás

From the place of union (which means the place of sexual union in between

the male and female Vajrakilaya) the wrathful ones emanate.

The point where his penis goes into her vagina -- from that point, where the

pounding of the mortar and the pestle of bliss and wisdom, causes countless

emanations of tiny Kilayas. Thousands and thousands, which shine out from that

space and go all through the whole of the world, which is the place of your

practice. Countless, unkempt, wild with fury. They are wild with fury! Power!

They are the Buddha’s passion in its most powerful form as vajra wrath. And they

expel everything that prevents your practice, expelling those of perverse conduct,

those who break discretion, those who lead astray, cast out to the farthest limits.

So you visualize them all pushed out, pushed out, pushed out.



Is this pushing out to farthest limit and then instantaneously, faster than the

speed of light, they gather back into your form as Yabyum Kilaya, gathering back

the wrathful minions. As they gather back, their bodies form the vajra tent.

282. miért haragos vizualizáció

For this you arise as Dorje Purba, which is why you'll receive Dorje Purba

empowerment along with Vajrasattva. Because you need to have the wrathful

form. When you deal with obstructing spirits you never are a peaceful deity or

yourself, because they're not going to listen to Sky, and they’re not even really

going to listen to—but Dorje Purba arises, and Dorje Purba threatens to crush

them to dust, they'll take this seriously, right?

287. szex csakrás kiárasztás

All practitioners break

samaya sometimes, but it’s those who refuse to actually see the manner in which

they broke samaya and feel remorse for it and make amends, they then end up

expelled. Otherwise, all breakage of samaya is repairable through tsog feast and

offering. So, from the secret place where the vajra and lotus of Dorje Purba and

his consort come together issue forth like rain pouring down, tiny wrathful deities.

There's two fundamental kinds here. So, from you as Dorje Purba yabyum in

union with your consort, from the place where the vajra and the lotus meet in

sexual union, from that place pour out like a rainfall millions of tiny Dorje Purbas

and consort, that’s one form, just like your own appearance, and also million of

purba-based forms of Vajrakilia without consort. These two forms go out like a

rainfall–millions and millions, tiny wrathful deities. These go everywhere

expelling and annihilating obstructions.

292. Rakta vérbuborék

The rakta: you visualize yourself as Kilaya, Dorje Purba, right. You visualize

yourself as Dorje Purba. That all of delusion–you have your little rakta cup--the

little cup's not very big--little rakta cup right over here, then you visualize it as

huge–then you visualize that all of the delusion of all beings in the world masses

over this rakta cup like a giant red bubble, a tigle, a giant. It’s of the blood of all

delusion. And you pick up your purba and you pierce it. So you're visualizing, and

you pierce it, yeah? With the mantra: HUNG HUNG HUNG PHET. And as you

say this, the consciousness of the delusions is liberated and goes up into space, is

liberated as space and the life force blood of the delusions flows down into your

rakta cup. Then you visualize that within the rakta cup is this surging, churning

ocean of red blood, which manifests anything desirable for any being, yeah?


BALINGTA AH HUNG seven times. So this is how you–first you did the

blessings of the outer offerings, and these visualizations are the blessings of the

inner offerings, yeah?

This is the actual meaning, for instance, of the word Heruka or Traktung. Traktung

means blood-drinker, is the one who drinks the blood of all delusions, yeah, from

the rakta cup. This is what, for instance, Dorje Purba he's with his consort and

she's offering him a skullcup, it’s filled with this blood. It's the blood of all

delusions. Sometimes it’s said it’s the blood is the desire of all the beings. Because

in our human realm, desire is the fundamental delusion, it’s what characterizes the

human realm. So when, for instance, if you ever practice the text, and the text or

the commentary says that what's above the rakta cup is the desire of all beings, that

this also means the delusion of all beings. Desire is not wisdom unless it's become

desireless desire.

362. ganapudzsa szex vizualizáció

So...first is offering of union:

AH: The supreme vajra of skillful means, within the lotus basic space,

The secret offering, sublime union, the blissful nondual vast expanse.


So for this one, you arise in the form of wrathful deity, Dorje Phurba, in the case

of yab-yum, in the case of Vajrasattva practice. And wrathful deity yab-yum, it

says in the Vajrakilaya terma the mortar pounds.... the pestle pounds within the

mortar, right? So the mortar of course is the bhaga, the lotus, the vagina of the

goddess, which is of course what? It is Choying itself. The Pure Space of

Dharmata. And the inconceivable non-conceptual Dharmata is the sphere of Truth,

which is Dharmadhatu. Inside of this, the hammer of skillful means beats out its

rhythm, yeah? This pounding of the pestle and the mortar, and in this manner the

great bliss of skillful means arises spontaneously within the empty dimension of

space in response to the needs of beings.

So what does that mean? It means that eventually compassion is not meant to be a

contrived --in the beginning it is like everything -- but compassion ultimately is

not meant to be a contrived activity. Quite naturally and spontaneously skillful

means which is the movement of naturally occurring bliss. Inseparable from

wisdom’s sphere. Moves within that sphere and its very movement whatever form

it takes, is skillful means. Whatever form the dance the nine moods of dance of a

Heruka, of a great liberated being moving through space, whatever form that takes

is this union being talked about.

So Choying, the space of Dharmata itself, in which the appearances of luminosity

arise inseparable from great bliss wisdom, such a being moving is the union itself.

That’s the ultimate and real union. The Vajra master, any liberated being’s,

activity moving through space is union, and that union is a dance of union, which

brings about the liberation for all beings, does this makes some sense?

So, by unifying skill and means and exaltation of union nonconceptuality blazes

and destroys the obstacles of concepts. So how do you do this in the context of the


In the Sadhana, you as Dorje Phurba, emanate from your heart first

countless...and this is...countless male forms. All kinds of male deity forms who

are deeply, strongly. passionately aroused. Their vajra flags unfurled and waving

freely. In other words you visualize all these male deities, dakas, Rigdzin heroes,

naked standing, their erections, and then you emanate from yourself all the consort

deities, and all kinds of females dancing sensuously beautifully, their breasts and

baghas swollen and moist, and they enter into union. You visualize them entering

into union.

And the play then of bliss, this bliss, the play of bliss that comes from this

visualization, causes their eyes to look drunken, smiles on their face, the sound of

tigers and doves, all kinds of endless display of sweetness and beauty, fills space,

and the wonderment of that cloud from their place of union, emanates a cloudlike

brightness, and that cloudlike brightness is the offering to all of the Buddhas. And

to yourself, and all of you rest and abide within this offering. The great bliss of

this offering causes concepts to come to a dead still. Just to a still point. And this

is where the important aspect then of the practice of liberation says:

AH: Phenomena as a contrived concept, the notion “birth,” thought,


Are the vile, demonic rudras, to be killed, fed to Herukas!


Maha Rudra (Great Rudra), Kharam Khahi (Come eat this great Maha Rudra) So

liberation, what has to be understood here is, liberation is simply the continuation

to its ultimate extent of the path of union. The path of union whether you practice

with another, with a Karmamudra, or whether you practice with Dharmamudra,

through visualization, it ultimately doesn’t matter because there is no particular

difference between visualizations, dreams, substance material phenomena. The

point is that you must be willing to practice this great bliss union, when this great

bliss union whose fundamental essential nature is what other people call sex.

When it is practiced fully, the four joys happen spontaneously, and the fourth joy,

beyond joy is the obliteration of all concepts. It is as if the vajra pestle pounds the

mortar so hard that the very concept of concepts is destroyed. It’s like stabbing a

phurba a heart in every being because outside of concepts there are no beings.

Outside of concepts there are no Buddhas. Outside of concepts there is no samara,

nirvana, bondage, liberation. Outside of concepts there is no one to be freed. There

is nothing. So the fourth joy is the killing that Nyingmapas do. Is the killing of the

concept of being itself. This is the ultimate killing. And it’s simply the perfect

extent of union taken to its fullest, the fourth joy you kill everything and nothing is

left. Not a single thing is left. When bliss is strong and countless emanations of

yourself. So the way this is visualized the bliss of all these deities reaches its

pinnacle then suddenly from your Vajrakilaya yab yum form countless forms of

the phurba based Vajrakilaya fly into space. And they pierce through from the top

of the head straight out through the perineum. Every body of every being in

existence and those bodies explode, and there is only light. There is vast open

space, filled with the billion times a billion times a trillion droplets of light. Non-

conceptual great wisdom luminosity.

This make some sense? Good.

Suchness offering:

AH: Non conceptual vast freedom, beyond the scope of all imagining,

Supreme amongst all offerings, changeless, timeless and sublime.


Every offering in some sense from the first offering of homage, through the outer

offerings, inner menla, torma, rakta, to the union liberation, all the way to

suchness, are simply a continuum of ever-increasing bliss. That’s all they are. So

all these tigles every being and every concept is destroyed and there is only space

and light. That’s the ultimate offering. There is no concept you just rest in it.

When there is no concept there is no Buddha no sentient being, there is nothing to

offer and no one to offer it to, no offering made nothing to do nothing to not do,

yeah? That’s the suchness offering.

Om Benrza, the indestructible Dharmadhatu is just that. AH AH AH:

Just resting in that nothing. Yeah? This is the suchness offering. Then we have

come in some sense full circle because that suchness offering doesn’t include or

exclude anything. It doesn’t have beings or Buddhas, everything is there and

nothing is there, Neither or Both.

And then there is praise. And the praise just is so that all of this from Lama

Vajrasattva to Lama Vajrasattva and then you as Lama Vajrasattva are praising

Lama Vajrasattva who brought all this about.

EM AH HO! How wondrous the single bindhu beyond contrivance that’s what we

have when there is only awareness and light. The Lama’s secret essence mind.

This is what the Lama turned out to be along, you cry sometimes because you

never want to be separate from your lama. This is how the one is never separate

from one’s lama, ever.

The Lama’s secret essence mind is the source of every wisdom the origin of all


All mandalas and all Buddha appearances arise from these droplets of light. From

no place else and are nothing else.

To recall you form and beauty –

And now we actually think that Vajrasattva here, because we are also not...we are

not playing the ultimate off against the relative or the relative against the ultimate.

We are not saying “Now I just got my space and my life, fuck you, I don’t need

your form.” It’s not one against the other, there is not an outer guru leading you to

the inner guru. It’s a bunch of crap. All that kind of thinking is crap. To actual

wisdom there is not outer or inner. None of it is included or excluded.

So now we are actually Vajrasattva again in his form in front of us:

To recall your form and beauty, to recall your secret mantra,

Stirs the heart and mind to wisdom, opening cloudbanks of strong blessing.

Your mind is vastness without limit, luminous free and undefiled.

Your form is wisdom manifesting, your mantra like a lion’s roar,

Precious Lama Vajrasattva, I offer praise and pure devotion.

With pure devotion this is like another prostration. You have come absolutely full

circle again...